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About Us

Public Employment Tracking System – (P.E.T.S) is a web cross-platform software that provides an intuitive closed system employment-related search and connect process where job seekers and employers can locate each other based on required attributes while providing various complementing features.
PETS facilitates a controlled containment of an employment opportunities while managing the systems registered users with real time tracking and interactions between all users by creating comprehensive reports that provide answers and solutions in the employment placement environment.
Our vision is being able to interconnect job seekers, employers, job developers and case managers while utilizing the PETS system which will in return effectively increase the communication flow between all workforce parties through the PETS System while decreasing the chances of pertinent information or potential job seekers from falling between the cracks of the employment placement process.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to partner with communities, employers, employees and job seekers to educate, employ, train and help build a solid Michigan working economy through workforce vocational and skill training.

Vision Statement

We strive to reduce employer risk by assisting in hiring skillful employees many of whom have increased their knowledge and skill by accessing our free employment training opportunities. Our goal is to contribute to the rebuilding, improving and maintaining of our neglected and damaged communities.